MW3 Full Guide: The Bible for any MW3 player.

We have the honor to present the new application PiKoTechnologies: MW3 Full  Guide: The Bible for any MW3 player

the application is available here for free

Is available today in the Google Play Store and has the following functions:

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●Classes: (Primary/Secondary/Lethal/Tactical/Perks/Strike Packages/Deathstreaks)

  • Primary/Secondary: Overview, Campaign, Multiplayer, Special Ops, Attachments, Proficiency, Weapon Image, Weapon Class, Level of Unlockment, Damage, Fire Mode, Magazine Size, Starting Ammounition, Maxinium Ammounition, Reload Time, Reate of Fire, Range, Recoil, Used by.
  • Lethal:Overview, Multiplayer, Special Ops, Weapon Image, Weapon Class, Unlocked At, Damage, Direct Impact Damage, Starting Ammounition, Maxinium Ammounition, Fuse Time.
  • Perks: Overview, Multiplayer, Image and Pro image, Weapon Class, Unlocked At, Pro uncloked at.
  • Strike Packages: Overview, Campaign, Multiplayer, Image, and Points required.
  • Deathstreaks: Overview, Multiplayer, Unlocked at, Deaths required,

●Campaign (Levels and Intel Laptops)

  • Levels: Overview, Objectives, Characters, Plot, Weapon Loadout (Starting Weaponary and Foundable in Level), Archievements/Trophies, Intel, Video for intel laptops in the level and Trivia.
  • Intel laptops:Video for all Intel Locations, Text and Video for find the Intels in each level.

●Multiplayer (Maps/Game Mods/Titles/emblems/Challanges and Generate Random Class

  • Maps: Overview, Description, Survival Mode, Image, Modes, Location, Teams, Terrain, Type of Combat, Campaign Map.
  • Game Mods: Oveview and Description.
  • Titles and Emblems: Image, Name, Reward For and Unlock Type.
  • Challenges: Name, Description, Xp and Unlocks.
  • Generate Random Class: This simple tool create a random class that you can utilize in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

●Survival Mode(Maps/Enemies/Challanges/Weapon Armory/Equipment Armory/Air Support Armory)

  • Survival mode Overview.
  • Maps Categorized by unlock level.
  • All Survival Mode enemies.
  • All Challenges for accumulate extra $.
  • Weapon Armory: All the weapons and the attachments you can find in Survival Mode, whit the cost of them.
  • Equipment Armory:All the equipment available in Survival Mode.
  • Air Support Armory:All the Air Support Armory available in Survival Mode, including the care packages!

●Global Operations (Overview, Description, Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Starting Weapon Loadout and Weapons findable in the Operation)
●Achievements (XBOX) or Trophies (PS3): divided according to the mode that you can unlocked the achievement/trophy in, Images, N° Gamescores or type of Trophy, Title, and how to unlock it.

This is a large set of Screehshots application: