MW3 Full Guide: The Bible for any MW3 player.

We have the honor to present the new application PiKoTechnologies: MW3 Full  Guide: The Bible for any MW3 player

the application is available here for free

Is available today in the Google Play Store and has the following functions:

COD MW3 Super Guide Icon

●Classes: (Primary/Secondary/Lethal/Tactical/Perks/Strike Packages/Deathstreaks)

  • Primary/Secondary: Overview, Campaign, Multiplayer, Special Ops, Attachments, Proficiency, Weapon Image, Weapon Class, Level of Unlockment, Damage, Fire Mode, Magazine Size, Starting Ammounition, Maxinium Ammounition, Reload Time, Reate of Fire, Range, Recoil, Used by.
  • Lethal:Overview, Multiplayer, Special Ops, Weapon Image, Weapon Class, Unlocked At, Damage, Direct Impact Damage, Starting Ammounition, Maxinium Ammounition, Fuse Time.
  • Perks: Overview, Multiplayer, Image and Pro image, Weapon Class, Unlocked At, Pro uncloked at.
  • Strike Packages: Overview, Campaign, Multiplayer, Image, and Points required.
  • Deathstreaks: Overview, Multiplayer, Unlocked at, Deaths required,

●Campaign (Levels and Intel Laptops)

  • Levels: Overview, Objectives, Characters, Plot, Weapon Loadout (Starting Weaponary and Foundable in Level), Archievements/Trophies, Intel, Video for intel laptops in the level and Trivia.
  • Intel laptops:Video for all Intel Locations, Text and Video for find the Intels in each level.

●Multiplayer (Maps/Game Mods/Titles/emblems/Challanges and Generate Random Class

  • Maps: Overview, Description, Survival Mode, Image, Modes, Location, Teams, Terrain, Type of Combat, Campaign Map.
  • Game Mods: Oveview and Description.
  • Titles and Emblems: Image, Name, Reward For and Unlock Type.
  • Challenges: Name, Description, Xp and Unlocks.
  • Generate Random Class: This simple tool create a random class that you can utilize in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

●Survival Mode(Maps/Enemies/Challanges/Weapon Armory/Equipment Armory/Air Support Armory)

  • Survival mode Overview.
  • Maps Categorized by unlock level.
  • All Survival Mode enemies.
  • All Challenges for accumulate extra $.
  • Weapon Armory: All the weapons and the attachments you can find in Survival Mode, whit the cost of them.
  • Equipment Armory:All the equipment available in Survival Mode.
  • Air Support Armory:All the Air Support Armory available in Survival Mode, including the care packages!

●Global Operations (Overview, Description, Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Starting Weapon Loadout and Weapons findable in the Operation)
●Achievements (XBOX) or Trophies (PS3): divided according to the mode that you can unlocked the achievement/trophy in, Images, N° Gamescores or type of Trophy, Title, and how to unlock it.

This is a large set of Screehshots application:


Angry Birds Tools – Space Update (v. was released!

Angry Birds Tools – Space Update was released into Google Play Store

Now, we’re on version 2.2.o, that’s changelog:

  1. New Interface
  2. Added support for bakup and restore Angry Birds Space
  3. New Guide only for Angry Birds Space (with new rules and new birds)
  4. Added Walkthrough for Angry Birds Space, including Pig Bang, Cold Cuts and Danger Zone
  5. Added Walkhtrough for Golden Eggesteroids
  6. Added walkthrough for Cherry Bossom (Angry Birds Seasons)
  7. Added walkthrough for Surf And Turf (Angry Birds Classic)
  8. Added walkthrough for Trophy Room (Angry Birds Rio)

Two days ago was released Angry Birds Space, and now, us app, as full support for new Rovio’s game.

We’ve also updated the list of  walkthrough of Angry Birds Classic edition and Rio (Cherry Bossom update and Trophy room)

Let’s Recap the FEATURES:

-Backup & Restore simultaneously all Angry Birds editions
-Video & Text Walkthrough,
-Golden Eggs & Golden Eggesteroids
-Simple Guide for Angry Birds Space
-Simple Guide for Angry Birds Classic, Seasons and Rio

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Version 2.2.1 will include support for Angry Birds Space HD and  Angry Birds Prenium, and automatic moving to SD.

New Photos!

Angry Birds Tools

New Photos of App!!

Kobe Tech-About us

This is the official site of Kobe Technologies!
Let’s recap who we are and what we do.
We just created a new software company, and our first Android application is a utility that allows you to manage up and down the three versions of the game “Angry Birds”
we have made ​​available a variety of functions, including the guide here for the golden eggs and walktrough. will be Available then made other important functions such as backup and unlocking levels
The app will be available in the Android Market at a price of $ 1 in the coming days and will include the update that the backup will be made ​​available in about 2-3 weeks